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Environmental Programs in Geosciences have two degree programs: B.S. Environmental Geosciences and B.S. Environmental Studies. A continuum of environmental degree programs in the College of Geosciences ranges from majors in one particular aspect of the environment (geography, geology, geophysics, and meteorology) to the fully interdisciplinary B.S. Environmental Geosciences and B.S. Environmental Studies degrees. Minors are also available in these areas as well as in oceanography and Geographic Information Science and Technology (GIST).

High-Impact Learning Support

The Environmental Programs in Geosciences supports high-impact learning activities for ENGS and ENST majors, such as undergraduate research, conference participation, study abroad, internship, and specialized training (e.g. OSHA 40). If you receive an award, it will be paid as a scholarship. 

Deadline: We do not have a deadline. Submit this form, in paper copy, to Christian Brannstrom, Program Director, 202B CSA, as soon as you can determine the expense and justify the rationale. 

Questions? Please contact Christian Brannstrom, Program Director, 202B CSA or

Requirements: You must be registered as a major in BS ENST or BS ENGS with a GPA of at least 2.5.


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