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Environmental Geosciences and Environmental Studies majors pursue careers in government, natural resources, and environmental consulting. We maintain connections with our former students, following their many successes, through Facebook and LinkedIn. We invite former students to network with our current majors at several events, including Environmental Tailgates and Environmental Careers Panels.


Our majors work for municipalities in many capacities, such as helping manage GIS databases or water supply systems, and for state agencies, serving as investigators for air and water standards. Some majors have obtained Master’s degrees in field such as Water Management and Urban Planning, and now work for planning agencies in state and municipal governments. Other majors have obtained J.D. degrees and work in legal counsel offices for state and federal government agencies.

Natural Resources

Our majors work for various types of natural resource firms, including oil and gas production and midstream firms. Their job titles include Environmental Scientist, Environmental Geoscientist, Environmental Health and Safety, Environmental and Regulatory Compliance Advisor, and Regulatory Operations Analyst.

Environmental Consulting

Our majors work for environmental consulting firms that prepare impact assessments, seek permits, and conduct remediation. Their job titles include Field Technician, Environmental Scientist, Environmental Geoscientist, and Air Quality Scientist. Some of our majors have obtained J.D. degrees and work for law firms that offer legal counsel relating to environmental compliance.

The U.S. Department of Labor describes Environmental Scientists and Health and Safety Specialists.

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