Leadership & Vision


At Texas A&M University, you will join a community of scholars and leaders -- students, faculty and former students dedicated to preparing Aggie leaders for the challenges of tomorrow. We are determined to secure a healthier, more sustainable and more livable world and we stand together, fearlessly, on the front lines of society’s greatest obstacles to growth and prosperity.

Environmental Programs is comparatively small given the size of Texas A&M. This offers you a number of unique and exciting advantages over the course of your education. In Environmental Programs you will have the opportunity to really get to know your classmates and professors as we focus on building cohorts of students from our freshman seminars through the research intensive capstone course. Our upper division courses can be as small as 12 students and average 20-25 students. You will receive individualized academic advising where the average ENVP student has 8 one-on-one advising sessions. Learning outside of the classroom walls is an integral part of ENVP, including study abroad in places like the U.K. and Costa Rica, summer internships in the environmental field for academic credit, field and lab work through undergraduate research on topics ranging from water security issues to changes in ocean pH, to air pollution in the greater Houston area. Field research experiences range from sailing on an icebreaker using an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) to explore the ocean, to working in a cloud forest in Costa Rica, to going caving in central Texas to collect speleothems. Students can also hone their leadership skills as members of numerous student organizations, and network with former students through career panels and other events such as football game tailgates. Finally, our primary goal is to provide our students with an education that prepares them to enter and succeed in the workforce or graduate school. The ENVP curriculum and classes are constantly being reviewed by former students working in the environmental fields to ensure our students can meet the demands of a wide range of employers across virtually all sectors of businesses and governmental organizations.

We encourage you to explore our website to learn more about Environmental Programs in Geosciences and the exciting work that we are doing inside and outside of the classroom.


Vision Statement

Environmental Programs in Geosciences will be the leading provider of environmental education at Texas A&M University and a leading interdisciplinary undergraduate environmental program with its base in the geosciences.

Mission Statement

Mobilize the expertise in Atmospheric Sciences, Geology, Oceanography, and Physical and Human Geography to deliver interdisciplinary undergraduate environmental education opportunities that prepare students for the environmental workforce and for appropriate graduate and professional school opportunities.


We will continue to foster a culture of scholarly excellence, while honoring the principles of academic freedom. We recognize that, as a state university, we exist to serve the people of the State of Texas and have a responsibility to try to improve the lives and environment of all Texans. We also recognize the diversity of people who may wish to work and study within the Programs, and will not discriminate in any form.