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Environmental Programs in Geosciences have two degree programs: B.S. Environmental Geosciences and B.S. Environmental Studies. A continuum of environmental degree programs in the College of Geosciences ranges from majors in one particular aspect of the environment (geography, geology, geophysics, and meteorology) to the fully interdisciplinary B.S. Environmental Geosciences and B.S. Environmental Studies degrees. Minors are also available in these areas as well as in oceanography and Geographic Information Science and Technology (GIST).

What are the differences between the two interdisciplinary degrees?

B.S. Environmental Geosciences is an interdisciplinary geosciences degree with course content drawn from meteorology, geology, oceanography and physical geography. In the junior and senior year, Environmental Geosciences majors select one of the following themes: biosphere, climate change, coastal and marine environments, human impact on the environment, or water. 

B.S. Environmental Studies is an interdisciplinary degree that balances an education in the geosciences (meterology, geology, oceanography and physical geography) with environmental policy and the social sciences (economics, human geography, politics, urban planning and sociology). 

B.S. Environmental Geosciences prepares you for careers involving fieldwork and lab work. B.S. Environmental Studies prepares you more for careers in policy analysis and compliance.

Both majors prepare you for careers in education; local, state and federal government; not-for-profit organizations; private-sector environmental consulting; and business. Both degrees also prepare you well for continuing education, such as law school and master's degrees in areas such as urban planning, water resources management, natural resource management, conservation, oceanography, geology, geography and atmospheric science.

Both programs will expand your knowledge of the environment in order to make you marketable for many types of environmental careers or graduate school.

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